Assembly Capabilities

SMT, BGA, through holes and chip-on-board.

PCBminions provides quick-turn PCB assembly service for all PCBs manufactured with us. To get a PCB assembly quote, just send us your BOM, Gerber files, and pick&place file. We will send you a quote shortly. Standard PCB assembly only costs $0.4/part, starting from $195 with 5-day turn time. You may either choose to provide your own BOM, or let PCBminions source the BOM for you. Our BOM pricing is the same as Digikey/Newark price for prototyping boards. Once your design is submitted, just relax and enjoy the best-quality service delivered by PCBminions.

For assembly quote, please send the following design files to We will send you the quote within 1 hour.


Bill of Material


Gerber files


Pick-and-Place File

In addition to standard SMT assembly, we also provide chip-on-board wirebonding service. Our state-of-art wirebonding equipment can handle pad size as small as 50um x 50um. For SMT lines, our equipment is state of the art, high speed, efficient lines that provide consistent high quality products. All SMT lines are supported by Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment, automated through hole placement technology and all other required support equipment. Each SMT line is staffed by experienced and certified team members who are dedicated to making your product right the first and every time.