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FR4, Rogers, flexible and PCB design.

PCBminions offers services for industrial level full/custom-spec, small/mid-quantity, quick-turn PCBs. Listed below are our typical board specs. For specs not listed, such as flexible PCB, PCB assembly, and PCB layout services,  please contact our engineers via support.

PCBminions offers PCB layout design service for standard PCB, high power PCB, RF boards, and mixed-signal boards. With advanced Electrical Engineering degree from top universities in the U.S., our layout engineering team has decades of design experience. All design service is performed in the states to ensure design quality and fast customer response. Our competitive price starts from $0.5/pin with 2-5 days turn time. To get a quote, please contact us via support.

PCBminions Typical Specifications
Layers 1-10
Materials FR-4/Rogers 4003C
Maximal Size 500mm x 1100mm
Board Size Tolerance ±0.2mm
Board Thickness 0.4 – 7mm
Board Thickness Tolerance ±10% (t>1mm)
0.1mm (t<1mm)
Finished Copper Thickness 0.5 – 7oz
Min. Trace/Space 2mil
Minimum Via Monolateral Welding Ring 5mil 
Non-plated Through Holes Yes
Internal Cutout Yes
Minimum Hole Size 4mil (0.1mm)
Finished Hole Size Tolerance ±2mil (±0.05mm)
Minimum Character Width (Legend) 0.15mm
Minimum Character Height (Legend) 0.8mm
Routing to Board Edge Clearance 12mil (0.3mm)
Surface Finish HASL with lead
HASL lead free
Immersion gold  ENEPIG
Solder Mask Type LPI
Solder Mask Color Green