If I place multiple orders, can I combine them and save shipping cost?

If you place multiple orders with same turn time, orders are automatically combined, if possible, to save shipping cost.

If you place multiple orders with different turn times, and you’d like to combine shipping to save shipping cost, just leave us a message in the special note at the final checkout page, or chat with us. The shipping date will be the shipping date of PCBs with the longest turn time.

The shipping cost is recalculated depending on the final package weight. If the orders are paid, we’ll refund the extra shipping cost and give you an email notice. If the orders are purchase orders that haven’t been paid, we’ll send you updated invoices after the package is shipped.

I am from a tax exempt organization, how can I avoid tax charge?

We surely do tax exempt! After you place your order, just send us the tax exempt form to support@pcbminions.com, we’ll refund the tax charge shortly after your boards are shipped. You’ll get an email notice when the refund is processed.

We can also set your PCBminions account as tax exempt account upon request, and your future orders will be tax free! As a tax exempt account user, you’ll see a checkbox at the final checkout page, asking whether you are from a tax exempt organization. Remember to check that box to avoid tax charge, otherwise tax is still applied.

What is the gerber format you accept?

Gerber RS-274X and PROTEL/Altium *.PCBDOC are accepted. But we recommend that you prepare your own Gerber files from PCBDOC to avoid software compatibility issues. You may view your gerber files at: www.gerber-viewer.com to check whether your files look correct.

What are the common gerber mistakes that delay turn time?

Your design will be passed to fabrication only after gerber review passes. So format mistakes do delay your board fabrication!

We’ve listed the most common mistakes here: missing board outline, missing drill file, or drill file format incorrect. You can use www.gerber-viewer.com to check your design. Below is an example of drill file with correct format.

An example of a correct drill gerber layer

Make sure those problems are not present before you submit orders. It helps expedite the gerber review process and save you a lot of time.

Can I combine multiple PCB designs into one gerber zip/pcbdoc file for fabrication?

If the gerber files contain more than one designs and they will be cut into multiple pieces and operate individually in the final application, it is considered as multiple designs on one board. It does not matter whether customers would like us to cut it or not. It is NOT allowed in online orders.

Such orders will be automatically cancelled. To get a price for multi-design board, you need to contact us for a customized quote or submit each of your design individually through the quote system.

How does PCBminions.com contact me about the PCB status?

PCBminions.com communicates with customers through the account email from which the order is placed, NOT the billing email. Note that if you share a payment link with someone who makes the final purchase, the account email associated with the order is his/her account but not yours. If you’d like us to use a different email for communication, please leave us a message in the special note box at the checkout page or contact us through live chat.

How to let someone else make the payment for me?

It is very easy to let someone else make the payment. Follow the the steps below.

Step1: Follow the online quote system to prepare your quote.

Step2: At the final checkout page, you’ll see a “Save to Account” button on the top right of the page. Click that button and the quote will be saved to your account.

Step3: Go to your account page, you can find quote that you just created, as well as a “share” button. Click the “share” button, copy the payment link and send it to the person who will make payment.

Where to find the receipt/invoice for my order?

By default, the receipt/invoice of your order is attached to your order confirmation email. If you request for tax or shipping refund and would like an updated version of receipt/invoice, please write to support@pcbminions.com after the refund has been processed.