Quick turn specialist

PCBminions offers one-day turn for 1 and 2-layer PCBs

three-day turn for 4-layer PCBs; four-day turn for 6-layer PCBs.

Save money with fast turn time at PCBminions.

PCBminions is specialized in quick turn fabrication. Below are the fastest turn time and standard turn time options that PCBminions can offer with different board layers. The boards with standard spec. (quoted from Quote) are guaranteed to be shipped within the standard turn times. We ship to all 50 states in the U.S. and most countries in the world. For detailed terms of turn time and shipping, please refer to Terms and Conditions.

PCBminions Turn Time
Board Layers Fastest Turn Time Standard Turn Time
1 1 days 3 days
2 1 days 3 days
4 3 days 5 days
6 4 days 6 days
8 8 days 8 days
10 10 days 10 days